How To Make Order

1. Choose Product
Browse our products and select the item you love. If it's a cloth, you need to fill in your gender and size and then click the "Add To Cart" button to add your selected item to the shopping cart.

2. Check Shipping Cart
Check the information of the item you chose at the shipping cart, such as if the size, quality, and price are correct. If everything is okay, click the "Go To Checkout" button. Then you will enter the login and register page.

3. Sign In or Sign Up
If you have an account at our website, please fill in your mailbox address and your password to login at the login page's "Returning Customers" box.
If you are a new customer, please login in the register page's "New Customers" box and then click the "Register" button to fill in your personal information at the" My Account Information" page. When you finish this, please remember your register mailbox and password!

4.Delivery Information
In order to check the delivery information, you need to go to the "Step 1 of 3 - Delivery Information" page to check your shipping address, choose the shipping method, and check the shipping fee. Then click "Continue Checkout" to continue.

5.Payment Information
When you have finished Step 1, you will go to the "Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information" page. At this time you need to check your billing address and choose the payment pages. At the payment page, you can use a coupon code to get surprising discount, then click "Continue Checkout" button to go to the step 3.

6.Order Confirmation
After step 2, you will land at the "Step 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation" page. At this step, you need to check everything carefully: the shipping address, billing address, the item you bought, the price, etc. If everything is right, please click the "Continue Checkout" button to go to the payment gateway (such as Paypal) to pay for the item.